Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Introducing the Inside Information workshop


Professor Judith Hall, Professor of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine at Cardiff Medical School introduces the Inside Information workshop, which she will be co-presenting alongside anatomist Dr Tracey Wilkinson and Welsh National opera singer Ros Evans.


Staff from Cardiff University's School of Medicine are working closely with Clod Ensemble to produce a vibrant, innovative educational event. The role of Tracy Wilkinson and myself as academics and clinicians is to explain just one tiny aspect of human anatomy: the lungs and throat.  These go together, of course, to get oxygen into the body, get rid of waste carbon dioxide and keep up alive, but they also give us a meaningful voice.  


Coming to the 'Inside Information' work shop is a great opportunity to see modern medical teaching in action. We will use high fidelity patient simulators to mock up a life-threatening problem which patients suffer.  There will be anatomy so we can see the real thing, plus a practical understanding of breathing and voice provided by opera singer Ros Evans.

Tracey and I think this multi-faceted approach is a great way to learn: with the potential for real reflection and improved understanding for all involved.


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