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Anatomical Drawing

Image by Leonardo da Vinci

Eleanor Crook
Sat 30 Nov | 10am - 1pm | £8*
Victor Salvi Room, Wales Millennium Centre

A workshop investigating the intricate structure of the human skeleton through drawing.

 Anatomy is at the heart of medical education. Can drawing open our eyes to the beauty and intrigue of the body? Could this way of looking at the body not only complement scientific knowledge but also improve it?

 Explore how drawing can be used to look at, make sense of, memorize and explain to others the principal anatomical structures of the human body. This  workshop will concentrate on drawing the skeleton.
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Wax Sculpting Anatomy

Eleanor Crook
Sun 1 Dec | 10am - 1pm | £8*
Victor Salvi Room, Wales Millennium Centre

Get to grips with the anatomy of the head and neck in this wax modeling workshop.

The use of wax for replicating skin, flesh and the complexities of anatomical structures dates back several centuries; its fleshlike translucency makes it the material of choice for eerie and morbid depictions of the human body.

In this workshop Eleanor will explain the anatomy of the head and neck by demonstrating the technique of wax modeling . You will use a selection of waxes to sculpt  the anatomy  of the head and neck over a model skull. You will be initiated into the art of manipulating different textures of wax into fine anatomical structures – tendons, veins, skin – and shown images of historical examples from European anatomy museums. Materials will be provided.
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Inside Information

Professor Judith Hall, Dr. Tracey Wilkinson and WNO Singer, Ros Evans
Wed 4 Dec | 7pm - 9pm | £8*
Ty Dewi Sant, University Hospital of Wales

Inside Information 

With professor Judith Hall, Dr Tracey Wilkinson and WNO singer Ros Evans
Wed 4 Dec 7-9pm

Investigate the voice and breathing apparatus with medics and artists in the simulation suites at Cardiff medical school.

SESSION 1 Led by Tracey Wilkinson


Using anatomical models and specimens, anatomist Tracy Wilkinson will introduce participants to the vocal apparatus. 

This session will give participants an intimate look at the anatomy of the structures that enable humans to produce sound. Using video, anatomical models and real anatomy specimens, participants will be able to explore the vocal apparatus, see the size and shape of actual vocal cords, and watch the cords in action as sound is produced.

SESSION 2 Led by Judith Hall


Modern medical teaching uses high fidelity patient simulators to mock up life-threatening problems that patients suffer. The attendees at this seminar will view the management of an acute medical emergency effecting the breathing system: the lungs and throat.  Participants will learn about anatomical connections between the mouth, throat, lungs and heart: how these  can go wrong, and how doctors can make very serious situations, very rapidly better.   

Led by WNO singer Ros Evans

This practical sessions will give people a basic understanding of how to use their voice more effectively.

A team of Illustration students from Cardiff School of Art & Design, with tutor Chris Glynn, will also be recording the Inside Information event through drawing, attempting to represent visible and hidden information along the way.  We'll be musing on relationships between how things look and what they do,  the spectacle of medical learning, and tensions between the clinical image and lived experience, as a basis for further projects and talks. 
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The Poetic Body

Suzy Willson and Aurelian Koch
Fri 6 Dec | 10am - 5pm | £15
Urdd Hall, Wales Millennium Centre

A full day of movement and physical exploration inspired by the great theatre teacher Jacques Lecoq.

 Jacques Lecoq’s teaching has had an extraordinary impact on many actors, theatre makers, designers and directors in the UK and internationally including Simon McBurney and Complicite, Arianne Mnouchkine, Julie Taymor, Toby Jones, Geoffrey Rush and Clod Ensemble.

This intensive weekend workshop offers participants the rare opportunity to get familiar with some of the ideas and exercises at the foundation of Jacques Lecoq’s pedagogy with two extraordinary teachers – Suzy Willson, Artisitc Director of Clod Ensemble and Aurellian Koch, currently head of the Spacelab at London International School of Performance.
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Anatomy Through Movement

Leon Baugh and Alessandra Ruggeri
Sat 7 Dec | 10am - 5pm| £15*
Blue Room, NDC Wales Dance House 

This full day workshop explores anatomy through movement with dancers and movement practitioners.

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