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I weld y wybodaeth yn Gymraeg, ewch i wefan Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru \ To view this content in Welsh please visit the Wales Millennium Centre website.

Anatomy Acts

Professor Roger Kneebone, Brian Lobel and Gianna Bouchard
Tue 26 Nov, 7.30pm - 8.30pm | Free
Blue Room, NDC Wales Dance House

Dissect the intimate relationship between anatomy and performance, spectacle and display with Artist Brian Lobel, Professor of Surgical Education Roger Kneebone and Lecturer in Drama Gianna Bouchard.
Brian Lobel takes a scalpel to the patient experience, looking closely at each vein, muscle, eardrum and retina revealing their most intimate stories. A talk exploring forgotten histories, remembered experiences and revisited embodiment. 

Performing Surgery: Roger Kneebone

In this brief provocation, Roger will explore how surgery can be seen as  'performance', and how what happens in the operating theatre resonates with theatre, music and dance. Roger draws on his own experience as a surgeon to investigate unexpected parallels between apparently different worlds.

The Pain of Specimenhood

This talk will examine the idea of the 'specimen' in relation to Clod Ensemble's 2010 tour of Under Glass. Through this work I will reflect back on wider issues of  constructions of specimens in culture, on issues of spectatorship and the ethics of display, and the potential of performance to make us look differently at these moments.

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Artists Talk Anatomy

Sat 30 Nov, 3pm - 4pm | Free
Urdd Hall, Wales Millennium Centre

Artists whose work is deeply influenced by the study of anatomy talk about their work. 

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