Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fiona Winter's Re-boot Experience with Clod Ensemble

In August this year I had the chance to work with Clod Ensemble through their Re-boot programme, on the remounting of their 2011 production of An Anatomie in Four Quarters at the Wales Millennium Centre. This encompassed five full days of exploration of the piece on an academic and physical level, culminating in the staging of two technical runs where the piece was adapted to the ‘anatomy’ of Wales Millennium Centre’s impressive Donald Gordon Theatre.


As a Nia Technique teacher, I am working with the structure of the body in every class I teach, finding health through movement, pleasure in movement and constantly exploring how the anatomy of each individual can be seen and changed through movement. To me, the link between the anatomy of the body and the anatomy of the theatre was clear to see.


As an older dancer, now in my mid 50’s, who was constantly too short for auditions in the late 70‘s early 80’s, I was drawn to the idea of challenging myself with a company that appeared to embrace a wide range of physiques within their performers. I was not disappointed. Five days of pushing my edges (very glad that I had such a strong core of technique to draw on), five days of taking in the amount of detailed research that went into the ideas behind the production, five days of working to an amazing score…This wonderful experience was rounded off with the inspiring opportunity to dance on Wales Millennium Centre’s Donald Gordon stage, with the theatre itself playing a vital role as focus was placed on the anatomy of the theatre itself.


Now I can’t wait to experience this production as a member of the audience, viewing the performance from different areas of the auditorium and the stage itself, and examining what it means to open up and be opened’. An Anatomie in Four Quarters is full of amazing imagery, striking music and committed performers. You’ll never look at a stage the same way again - stripped bare. Thank you Clod Ensemble and Wales Millennium Centre for a great experience.



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